Local Moves


Local moves may seem like a hop & a skip when moving across town, but nobodies perfect and even the most organized people can get thrown a curve ball mid-moving process. For the last 10 years We have been in near every city in California and Colorado.. Each city has its own character and excellent local movers like us know the many ins and outs of those characters. From property laws to local regulations to knowing how to deal with building management and supers, Golden Valley Van Lines is always one step ahead taking the lead in local movers.

We relocate apartments, condos, homes, storage units & everything in-between, from long distances to carry to elevator access to stairs and property safety. Our local moving services provide you with affordable and convenient options for a stress free experience.

So keep in mind even a simple move can mean lots of packing, sweat and tears! At the end of the day it becomes safe to say there are times when it’s just better to call a professional.