Our functions as a moving company of your choice

A brief introduction on what we do

At Golden Valley Van Lines moving company, our clients come first before everything else. Our experience in moving and storing services places us at the forefront of some of the most trusting and reliable companies you can hire for moving services.

Moving stuff can be hectic and that is why we are here to simplify the whole moving thing for you so that you don’t have to waste much of your time trying to move out on your own only to end up with frustrations and a never ending migraine. We understand that charges or costs incurred during hiring moving companies is a major concern to most of our clients and for that we have incorporated affordable rates for our services so that you do not have any reason at all to have splitting thoughts about going ahead to hire us.

Our team which involves technical supports and moving specialists, not forgetting our reliable customer support comprises of a highly skillfully trained personnel who are very much conversant of what is expected of them in their specific departments and for that we are one of the most reputable moving companies around Washington.

Some of our desirable qualities that any client would go for

Nobody wants to involve just any moving company into carrying out their stuff when they are not sure of that particular company’s credibility. When it comes to our company, credibility stands out due to the many years we have been of great help to our clients, we also happen to be a certified and licensed company and on addition to that we are an insured company. On top of that we have various desirable qualities that help us stand out in the crowd as one of the most reputable moving companies such as these;

  • Our transparency in rates; we understand from the word go that the very first thing our clients are in desperation to know from their potential moving companies are the charges for the moving services. Besides stating that we are affordable, we strive to be straightforward in our consultations on the labour we are expected to do and the expenses to be incurred. We are honest on what is to be charged this amount and what will not so that at the end of it all there are no disagreements concerning pay.
  • We are all rounded when it comes to your moving needs; every client has different moving needs and conditions. We are that company that can accommodate all the client’s needs. It doesn’t matter the size of the property they are moving in, nor the stuff they need to move out, we are equipped to deal with all sorts of scenarios. We can provide additional supplies such as garment boxes, we have vans and trucks can carry more than one item without compromising their state if that is your wish in saving costs, the bottom line is that we can accommodate any kind of delivery just the way our client needs it.