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December 5, 2018
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December 7, 2018
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The good thing with using a moving container is that you will be able to use it for storage. If you wish, before you get to organize your new home, you can ask cross country moving services Washington, to let you have the container for a while as you reorganize yourself. They will then organize to pick your container and deliver it to a storage facility. Many moving companies do allow their clients to store their moving containers on their personal property. If you want to store your container in a storage facility, you will have to find out if the facility is climate controlled and safe.

The advantages of using a moving container

The three main advantages of using a moving container are:

  • It can double up as a storage, making them the best, especially if you are having a complicated cross-country The cross country moving services Washington comes in handy on this.
  • The containers are cost efficient when it comes to moving home
  • They offer flexibility with your move. When using it, the container will enable you to move on your own timeline.

You can readily find moving containers with most moving companies in Washington and thus, no need to worry about it. Read reviews online and get the best that meets your specific needs.

Packing in the Container

Just like with packing rules for full-service movers, there are items which are not allowed to be packed in a container, which is not allowed for a reason. Items which are flammable, such as lighter fluid, gasoline, propane tanks, motor oil, clean and paint solvents, are some of the things which are not allowed to be packed in the container.

Hazardous materials such as fertilizer, guns, scuba tanks, ammonia, poisons, and nail polish, are also not allowed in a container in transit.  When you are driving a moving container between states, you have to avoid packing plants due to the fact that, each state has its own rules about which plants cannot and can be imported.

Other things which you will need to avoid in the moving container packing include food which is perishable and valuables. When you are moving, the last thing you would want is for your valuables to get broken in the process or even stolen. So before you load the container, you will have to think before placing there your jewelry, electronics, money, sentimental things, or documents that are very important to you.

Loading and offloading the Container

If you are tired and don’t want the hassle of loading and offloading the container, you can hire professional moving loaders to do the job for you at a fee. These are movers who specialize in loading and offloading services only and there are several of them in Washington. They won’t be involved in driving the container to the final destination. You can find, compare and book moving day help online or simply visit their offices or ask for a referral from friends and family.