Things To Consider When Choosing a Moving Company
November 7, 2018
Valuation Protection and Moving Insurance You Need To Be Aware of
November 9, 2018
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With several movers all over the United States, it follows that not all of them are best moving companies state to state. Some specialize in local moving and thus, you will need to do your homework well if you want to utilize the service of a state to the state moving company.

If you are moving, hiring the best in the market is a must. But even when you utilize the services of smooth movers, practices which are shoddy or scams do occur and thus, it is important you have some of the things you will expect from your mover at your fingertips.

  1. You should never use movers with a name switch

There are some companies, which keep changing names or operate under various business names in order to evade assessment by the Better Business Bureau. If a company is among the best moving companies state to state, it will never do that.

When contacting them, be sure that they have a local address, information on their insurance and license. Their employees need to answer calls using the full name of the company.

You will need to find out if there are other names the company uses to do business.  You will also need to check their federal and state license numbers.  You can utilize the online platform to search out if the companies have any complaints lounged by former customers.

  1. Extra Fees

Are you moving into a two-storey building or are you living in one? If you are, you are likely going to be charged extra to enable the movers to move on the elevators and stairs.

If you live on a street that is narrow where a van will not be able to fit, then expect that you will be charged for your belongings to be transferred to a smaller truck for delivery. Ensure to ask your movers if they will charge you extra for such services so that you get prepared.

  1. Avoid Cost for Packing

If you do the packing of the items yourself, then it means that the movers will not be responsible for any damage caused. But if you have the movers do the packing, there is a possibility of paying inflated prices for packing materials, including boxes, labor and time. If you feel that, it is a good idea that the mover’s pack, you will need to ask how experienced their packers are. Most of the experienced ones will be careful.

  1. Avoid a Blank Moving Contract

At no given time should you sign a blank moving contract? Ensure that, everything between you and the mover is written down. Whatever cost that the mover is going to charge you should be included together with their estimate, as well as pickup and delivery dates.

You will need to go through your contract to ensure that, all your belongings are listed. If you see that your laptop is not listed on the inventory list, sign it on the list before the driver leaves.