Moving Companies Long Distance Cost And How To Estimate It
October 17, 2018
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October 19, 2018
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It is best to get the list of the best long distance moving companies’ prices so that you decide which one you are going to use for your great move. You will need to choose the ones that will create a customized relocation experience for you.

Preparing to have a long distance move is most of the time, complicated. You will need to plan a budget for it and this can be tricky for you as most of the time, most moving companies will give you nonbinding estimates which have hidden costs. This article will get you to know some of the information you need to know that long distance moving companies’ prices are pegged on.

Calculating the Cost

To get the long distance moving companies’prices, we tried to get a quote of moving a one bedroom home that has no stairs and furniture worth 390 cubic feet and boxes. We then get several long distance movers to give us their guarantee prices for moving to and from different destinations in the country. We got standard moving prices with no additional costs such as disassembly, assembly, packing, storage, and crating.

Cost of Moving Long Distance

If you have a one bedroom apartment that you want to move long distance, the cost will vary between $700 and $5000. The price depends greatly on your pick up and drops off location. If you move from New York to Los Angeles or vice versa,  it will cost you around $2500 to $2900. Prices naturally may vary going lower or higher than the above quote.

You will need to keep in mind the professionalism and reliability which affect the price from one moving company to the next. So when you find that a long distance moving company is cheap, it might not be offering professionalism and reliability in their services.

Additional Costs

Most moving companies have the following as their additional costs, which is not included in the estimated quote that you will be given:

  • Shuttle fee: Moving from or into a dense area in an urban setting can mean that, an 18 wheeler that is used for long-distance transport will not get to your exact location. A shuttle will have to be hired to take your belongings to your door. This will depend on the size of the shuttle and the cost can be anywhere between $200 and $600.
  • Storage in Transit: When your new home is not ready for occupation, you will require storage in transit. It is normally calculated depending on the volume involved. Some movers charge a bi-weekly fee while others charge per month.
  • Dedicated Delivery: When you opt for dedicated delivery, it means that it is only your belongings which will be loaded on the moving truck. When you choose this method, it denotes that, there will be less room for mistakes and mix-ups. This will imply that your long distance moving cost will go up by between $400 to $1100.